Meet Our Team

Our team are passionate and professional with a wealth of experience. Grant leads from the front . His values are deeply embedded throughout his team. People, quality, reliability and unrivalled customer service are at the core of Masons Scaffolding and we work collaboratively with your team to provide you with a safe and sustainable solution for your project.

Grant Mason

Managing Director

Managing Director Grant’s career had humble beginnings – it all started with a temporary job in a scaffolding yard in Surrey Docks. Within his first week, Grant’s potential was noted by the Depot Manager, who consequently put him in charge of the yard and of all transport. From then on, Grant excelled in all his duties and it was his steadfast confidence and excellent results that earnt him exceptional feedback from his superiors. A year later, Grant was offered the opportunity to establish an aluminium tower and light scaffolding access company – he accepted, and his new company in Bermondsey grew from strength to strength. Another 18 months later, he set up another company, this time a scaffolding aluminium access company based in Stratford, East London, which quickly became very successful.

A year later in December 1993, Grant decided a third time was the charm, and Masons Tower Services Ltd was born, which eventually became Masons Scaffolding Ltd. The Company was built without a single loan, and with great perseverance and hard work, along with plenty of networking, the new company enjoyed immediate success. Masons Scaffolding quickly developed a reputation for delivering high quality work and unrivalled customer service. To this day, Grant has an active role in Masons Scaffolding, and believes wholeheartedly that his and his team’s great work ethic, dedication and commitment to work is what has allowed the company to grow into the business it is now.

Neil Garner

Associate Director

Neil has a wealth of experience in the scaffolding market and was a Director at Trad Scaffolding for many years before joining Masons. His multi- faceted role means that no two days are the same. As well as dealing with customer and scaffolders on a daily basis, Neil is working with Grant on developing the business.

Neil Graham

Account manager

Neil worked for Bromley Council for 40 years as an accountant and Financial Systems manager, before joining Masons Scaffolding in 2016. He is responsible for all financial matters and has drawn on his previous financial systems experience to improve the quality of financial management information at Masons Scaffolding as well as streamlining a number of processes to improve the efficiency of the company.

After having worked in a large organisation for so long, Neil relishes the opportunity to be on the frontline and to help this growing company continue to increase its turnover and market share.

Jade Mason

Social Media Manager

Jade Mason is currently working part time at Masons Scaffolding whilst in the final year of her University Degree at Sussex Uni studying Media.


Transport Manager

Transport Manager, Lindsay Plummer, from Plumwood, works hard to ensure Masons are fully compliant in terms of their commercial transport compliance. Over the last three years Plumwood have been working in partnership with Masons Scaffolding Ltd to proactively provide support for the continuously changing regulations in the transport industry.
Lindsay personally makes sure that Masons dot all the ‘I’s and cross all the ‘t’s, and is a real asset to the Masons team.

Depot Yard Team

Our Depot Yard Team Chris, Sam and Harry keep the yard in good shape to make sure things run smoothly

Darren Bedson

Chartered Fellow Safety Practitioner

Darren Bedson is a Chartered Fellow Safety Practitioner recognised by the Institution of Occupational Health & Safety and an Incorporated Member of the Association for Project Safety. Darren and his team have been our health and safety consultants on a retained basis for the last 8 years and work closely with our Directors and team.

They support us with all our accreditation processes and on our projects to ensure that we comply with the legal requirements and achieve above and beyond best practice.

Masons Scaffolding Ojay Roynon Meet the team

Ojay Roynon

Operations Manager

Ojay has been in the industry for over 25 years, starting on the tools when he was 15 whilst waiting for his exam results. After two long spells in other scaffolding companies he joined Masons in the Summer of 2019 to manage the day-to-day operations. Ojay's job is to ensure the smooth running of the business which involves site visits, ordering materials and managing the team. Loyal, respectful and hardworking Ojay has the ideal attributes to help the business to grow
Meet the team - Nigel

Nigel Mardon

Operations Manager

Nigel has been involved in managing large scale scaffolding projects for over thirty years. He started work as a scaffolder in 1989 working his way through the ranks of scaffold foreman, contracts supervisor and contracts manager to reach the dizzy heights of operations manager. Most of his career was spent at Trad Scaffolding until he joined Masons in 2020.

He is responsible for enabling the successful delivery of scaffolding on construction projects. As well as building relationships with clients he manages, supervises and monitors every detail of the project to ensure a safe and successful completion.

Freddie Holman

Operations Manager

Before becoming an Operations Manager at Masons Scaffolding, Freddie worked for Tone Scaffolding for a number of years, where he worked his way up to advanced scaffolder. He started working with our Director, Grant, in 2016, playing an important role in the complex project at Henrietta House.

As Operations Manager, he is responsible for allocating labour for projects, as well as liaising with clients on a regular basis in order to further develop our relationships with them.