Meet Our Team

Our team are passionate and professional with a wealth of experience. Grant leads from the front . His values are deeply embedded throughout his team. People, quality, reliability and unrivalled customer service are at the core of Masons Scaffolding and we work collaboratively with your team to provide you with a safe and sustainable solution for your project.

Grant Mason


Chairman Grant’s career had humble beginnings – it all started with a temporary job in a scaffolding yard in Surrey Docks. Within his first week, Grant’s potential was noted by the Depot Manager, who consequently put him in charge of the yard and of all transport. From then on, Grant excelled in all his duties and it was his steadfast confidence and excellent results that earnt him exceptional feedback from his superiors. A year later, Grant was offered the opportunity to establish an aluminium tower and light scaffolding access company – he accepted, and his new company in Bermondsey grew from strength to strength. Another 18 months later, he set up another company, this time a scaffolding aluminium access company based in Stratford, East London, which quickly became very successful.

A year later in December 1993, Grant decided a third time was the charm, and Masons Tower Services Ltd was born, which eventually became Masons Scaffolding Ltd. The Company was built without a single loan, and with great perseverance and hard work, along with plenty of networking, the new company enjoyed immediate success. Masons Scaffolding quickly developed a reputation for delivering high quality work and unrivalled customer service. To this day, Grant has an active role in Masons Scaffolding, and believes wholeheartedly that his and his team’s great work ethic, dedication and commitment to work is what has allowed the company to grow into the business it is now.

Neil Garner

Managing Director

Neil has a wealth of experience in the scaffolding market and was a Director at Trad Scaffolding for many years before joining Masons. His multi- faceted role means that no two days are the same. As well as dealing with customer and scaffolders on a daily basis, Neil is working with Grant on developing the business.

Freddie Holman

Contracts Director

Before becoming an Operations Manager at Masons Scaffolding, Freddie worked for Tone Scaffolding for a number of years, where he worked his way up to advanced scaffolder. He started working with our Director, Grant, in 2016, playing an important role in the complex project at Henrietta House.

As Operations Manager, he is responsible for allocating labour for projects, as well as liaising with clients on a regular basis in order to further develop our relationships with them.

James Hunt

Contracts Manager

James Hunt brings a wealth of expertise to his role as Contracts Manager, drawing from 12 years of experience at Tone Scaffolding, where he progressed from overseeing major projects to assuming supervisory responsibilities. In his current capacity, James excels in overseeing and meticulously reviewing contracts, ensuring adherence to schedules and budgets while maintaining the highest standards of quality. His adept management of personnel underscores his commitment to optimising productivity and resource allocation, while his proficiency in client relationship management solidifies his reputation for delivering exceptional service and fostering long-term partnerships. James's track record of success and dedication to excellence make him a valuable asset in the construction industry.

Paul Simmons

Contracts Supervisor

Paul Simmons possesses a vast reservoir of knowledge and expertise in his capacity as Contracts Manager at Masons Scaffolding. Drawing from his extensive tenure, Paul adeptly oversees and reviews contracts, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and adherence to industry standards. His seasoned leadership skills are evident in his ability to effectively manage teams, optimise labour resources, and ensure projects are completed within designated timelines and budgets. Additionally, Paul's experience fosters strong client relationships, built on trust and reliability. With nearly two decades in the scaffolding game, with 11 years being at Tone Scaffolding. Paul Simmons is a cornerstone of success in the construction industry.
Meet the team - Nigel

Nigel Mardon

Yard & Transport Manager

Nigel Mardon brings a wealth of experience to his role as Yard & Transport Manager, overseeing the day-to-day operations. He started work as a scaffolder in 1989 working his way through the ranks of scaffold foreman, contracts supervisor and contracts manager to reach the dizzy heights of operations manager before transitioning into his current position. Nigel has transitioned seamlessly into his new role, demonstrating adeptness in managing yard staff and coordinating the scheduling of lorries for material deliveries to various sites. His responsibilities extend to organising MOTs, services, and repairs for the fleet, ensuring compliance and efficiency. Nigel also spearheads the transition to a new yard, demonstrating leadership and strategic planning skills. His meticulous attention to detail extends to equipment maintenance and conducting roller breaker tests, ensuring smooth operations and safety standards are met consistently.

Neil Graham

Account Manager

Neil worked for Bromley Council for 40 years as an accountant and Financial Systems manager, before joining Masons Scaffolding in 2016. He is responsible for all financial matters and has drawn on his previous financial systems experience to improve the quality of financial management information at Masons Scaffolding as well as streamlining a number of processes to improve the efficiency of the company.

After having worked in a large organisation for so long, Neil relishes the opportunity to be on the frontline and to help this growing company continue to increase its turnover and market share.

Jade Mason

Commercial Manager

After completing her degree in Media & Communications at the University of Sussex and spending two years working within the advertising industry, Jade decided that she wanted to come onboard and be a part of the team at Masons Scaffolding as a contracts administrator in the hopes of becoming a vital part of the company in the future.

Since joining the company, Jade has begun to make her mark by assisting with the day to day running of the company to ensure the effective running of our client contracts by working closely with our managers and account staff.

Sydnie Pelling

Contracts Administrator

Sydnie has worked within the construction industry for a decade, where she has honed her expertise across diverse roles. From managing scaffolder’s wages to handling ad-hoc office administration. Her proficiency extends to overseeing new starter packs, ensuring smooth onboarding processes for incoming team members, and managing training matrix, ensuring compliance and competency across the workforce.
Now, as part of the dynamic team at Masons, Sydnie is eager to leverage her skills and experience to contribute to the company’s success. Excited to embark on a journey of growth and development.