The brief

The installation of the first Layher gantry at 1 James Street in London, utilising innovative flex beams and fully encapsulating the structure with shrink wrap.


This project marks a significant milestone in scaffolding technology, demonstrating cutting-edge solutions for efficient and safe construction practices in urban environments.

The challenges we faced

Material deliveries being delivered to one of London’s busiest Streets (Oxford Street) added night shifts to ensure works are completed on time.

Interesting facts about the project

As the first Layher gantry in London, this installation sets a new standard for scaffolding solutions in the region. & Mason’s first Layher job.


As we embark on the installation of the first Layher gantry at 1 James Street, London, Masons Scaffolding is committed to achieving excellence in every aspect of the project. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and innovation, we are poised to redefine standards in the scaffolding industry and leave a lasting impression on the London construction landscape. We look forward to delivering outstanding results and exceeding expectations on this ground breaking endeavour.


1 James Street, London, WC2E 8BG