The brief

The Masons team were to construct a comprehensive scaffold system, including a temporary roof, around all four elevations of the property, in the prestigious area of Kensington.


This involved building towers, installing beams in specific areas, and securing tie bars for stability. The main scaffold structure will be constructed in approximately 2.0m lifts, fully boarded with ladder access.

The challenges we faced

At this particular project we faced some logistically challenges with the crane operations for lifting beams to the roof. Our team navigated through the intricacies of coordinating equipment, personnel, and materials to ensure smooth execution despite the complexities posed by the tight site layout and surroundings. Moreover, adhering to the specified timescale for crane operations presented an additional challenge, which we tackled with precision planning and diligent execution. Despite these hurdles, our commitment to excellence prevailed, and we successfully overcame these challenges, delivering exceptional results while adhering to strict project timelines.

Interesting facts about the project

The property is worth over £30m.


Currently still erected for 38 weeks. Dismantling will start beginning of October 2024.


2 Holland Villas Road, London, W14 8BP