The brief

Masons Scaffolding were tasked with providing comprehensive scaffolding solutions to facilitate a demolition project in the heart of the City.


Our scope of work included the installation of independent scaffolding, gantry systems, and lifting beams to support the removal of two floors from the building. Additionally, our team implemented beamed-out scaffolding from the top of the building to facilitate the demolition process. Furthermore, gantry independent scaffolding were erected to allow for the construction of two new floors, showcasing our versatility in addressing diverse structural requirements with precision and efficiency.

The challenges we faced

A series of demanding challenges arose, each requiring innovative solutions and meticulous planning to overcome. Erecting scaffolding on the roof over the public while simultaneously installing a screen to facilitate the safe demolition of the roof and one floor below posed a significant logistical hurdle. Additionally, all materials needed to be transported up through a riser using a hoist. Furthermore, the take of stripping the middle core of the building, including handrails, bird cages, and deploying heavy-duty decks to facilitate the demolition of the floors on each level, required careful coordination and expertise.

Interesting facts about the project

The club space on the top floor of the building offers indoor and outdoor space with high levels of planting to promote biodiversity. While rainwater and grey water is harvested to reduce water consumption.


This project was completed on schedule, meeting all project deadlines with precision. Our rigorous safety protocols ensured the well-being of both our team and the public through-out earning recognition. Masons Scaffolding was honoured with a prestigious health and safety award for our work on 25 Moorgate.


25 Moorgate, London, EC2R 6AY