The brief

Tasked with erecting a protective gantry scaffolding, independent on the front elevation.


Masons Scaffolding were assigned the responsibility to install a 10-kilonewton loading gantry at the front façade for efficient delivery of materials into the building. This demanded careful engineering to ensure the structure could withstand the weight and movement of materials, guaranteeing both safety and functionality. Additionally, an external independent scaffold was required for façade decertation, necessitating meticulous planning to ensure access and stability while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the building. A 1-tonne passenger goods hoist with a hoist run off was also installed, providing seamless mechanism for distributing goods to each floor.

The challenges we faced

Scheduling night works to build the gantry to minimise disruption the public, due to the location of the project being in the heart of Piccadilly and having a hight foot fall during the day.

Interesting facts about the project

Egyptian and Dudley House once served as the Embassy of Egypt, which is a Grade II listed building, recognised for it’s architectural significance and contribution to London’s historic landscape.


This project is still ongoing, it is currently erected and shrink wrapped. Keep an eye out for it – a few doors down from Fortnum & Mason!


Egyptian & Dudley House, 169-171 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9EJ