The brief

To design, erect and strike fully boarded access scaffolding on the corner of two very busy London streets (Devonshire Street & Great Portland Street) to enable full access together with a full temporary roof for initial roof repair/replacement followed by painting, brick and stonework repairs and window works.


Scaffolding needed to be erected on a very busy public highway in close proximity to an existing restaurant. It was critical that the scaffolding created as little disruption as possible to the restaurant and that the scaffolding did not block windows or interfere with access to the splayed entrance – this made the works particularly challenging. Working closely with the client and PSD, our scaffold design company, we managed to overcome these obstacles to the satisfaction of all parties. Traffic management was also put in place.  This ongoing project is running smoothly with another couple of lifts to go in before works on the temporary roof erection can begin. Positive feedback has been received from both the restaurant and the client. We look forward to getting this project erected over the next few weeks, with  project completion estimated to be February 2021.


Devonshire House, Great Portland Street
London W1W 5DS


Langham Estates

Project duration